Natural Ingredients, Safer Environment
Natural Ingredients, Safer Environment


A safe, foundational solution that nourishes the seedling, delivers outstanding preventative maintenance, and encourages the plant to thrive after transplanting.

Multifunctional blends of peptides that rejuvenate soil health to support stronger root establishment, thicker and fuller branches, and stronger pest and fungi resistance.

the benefits that are:

Unblocks Soil Pathways, Supports Root Development, and Energizes Growth

Natural peptides produce rich microbial soil activity that ignites root development and growth, leading to a healthier plant that greens up quickly and dependably.

Increases Water Absorption and Retention, Promotes Vitality, and Increases Yield

A healthy root system produces a plant that needs less maintenance and input, saving you time and money and leading to faster turns and repeat customers.

Enhances Fungi and Insect Resistance and Reduces Chemical Input

Establishing a healthy environment results in a plant that can naturally protect itself against pests, requiring fewer treatments and a more organic yield.

Reduces Plant Loss, Increases Shelf Life, and Protects from Stress

Maintaining soil, root, and plant health results in a dependable yield that matures quickly and decreases shrinkage from transport and transplant stress.

Natural Ingredients, Safer Environment
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Our customers often say the biggest issues they face is keeping up with the demand for plants as well as combatting the effects of transporting and transplanting the plants into a new environment.

Using EcoVam GX results in a faster green-up of the plant as well as the plant reaching maturity more quickly. EcoVam GX can be used at the time of transplant which establishes a strong root system and stabilizes the plant in the new environment.

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