BIORUSH® Turfgrass FE

BIORUSH® Turfgrass FE is a dry, soluble plant growth stimulant that is specifically formulated for turf and ornaments by combining iron with the BIORUSH® Original ingredients. BIORUSH® Turfgrass FE continually builds the organic content of the soil, promotes vigorous root growth, and boosts the overall vibrancy and sustainability of the plant.


BIORUSH® Turfgrass FE is an all-natural root biostimulant that solubilizes minerals in the ground, nourishes the organic content of the soil, and boosts the health of plants and the soil where iron is needed. BIORUSH® Turfgrass FE energizes the microbial activity in the ground promoting root growth, cell division, and nutrient uptake.



  • Bacillus, Pseudomonas & Streptomyces Species – Plant-promoting bacteria that increases pest and bacteria resistance in plants, stimulates root and plant growth, and enhances stress tolerance to drought, heat, and transplantation. 
  • Humic Acid – A soil carbon source that neutralizes acid and alkaline levels in the soil, regulates the pH-value of soils, and improves the uptake of nutrients and water by plants. 
  • Chelated Iron – Increases micronutrient use, nutrient uptake, and nutrient utilization efficiency.
  • Soluble Sea Kelp – An organic source of plant food that improves root and plant growth, improves photosynthesis, and improves overall plant health. 
  • Trichoderma Fungi – Insulates roots to fend off diseases and pests, increases enzymes and hormones in the plant, and increases the phosphorus and iron uptake.
  • Yucca Plant Extract – Organic wetting agent that unblocks soil pathways to penetrate deep into the root zone, while boosting the plant’s water retention to increase drought resistance.




Dilute 1 lb. in 100 gallons of water and apply to plantings or turf.

Use when transplanting and laying sod, as a finishing treatment with flower bed plantings.

Treatments last for up to 6 weeks, depending on the time of year and should be a part of an ongoing preventative maintenance program relating to grounds care.

May be applied with a tank sprayer, garden hose sprayer, drench and as a foliar spray. May be combined with most fertilizers and pesticides.

Product Features


  • Root and Soil Health
  • Green-Up and Vibrancy
  • Nutrient and Water Uptake
  • Fertilizer Efficiency
  • Environmental Safety


  • Browning and Dormancy
  • Transplant Shock
  • Watering Frequency
  • Plant Loss (from drought and heat)
  • Fertilizer and Pesticide Use


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