• energize nature

    Our products work seamlessly to establish a strong foundation for healthy plants which requires less maintenance and less chemical input over time.

  • Innovative Products

    Unique and complex peptide technology provides fresh, natural, and beneficial products that make plants, people, and the planet happy.

  • Organic Growth

    Achieve growth and protect plants with less chemical input. Horticultural Alliance products easily combine with other products and enhance a plant’s natural processes to achieve results.

what we offer

Horticultural Alliance offers innovative, solution-driven products to strengthen the business of our customers in the landscape, arbor, turf, nursery, and agricultural markets. We follow nature’s own systems to energize growth, promote vitality, and reduce water demand.

Our business stems from a bedrock of scientific study and decades of experience helping agriculture professionals across the globe solve complex problems. Our category knowledge, combined with cutting-edge biostimulant products, has created exciting results for our customers across landscaping, nursery and greenhouse applications.

Natural Ingredients, Safer Environment
Reduces Transport and Transplant Stress

Energize Nature!™ with organically sound growth promoting products from Horticultural Alliance.


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Just as energy comes from the sun, our energy as a company comes from our customers. We are innovative, resourceful and driven. And we are always mindful that the real measure of how good we are is the impact that we have on our customer’s bottom line. By focusing on yours, ours is strengthened as well.


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